Avatar list use like filter

Hello community .
I discover the new component ( avatar list ) and want to now, does it possible to use this like a filter.
Exemple 4 avatar for 4 catégorie, and when we click my custom list change as we choose.

Sorry for my English.

What you need to do here (in both cases above) is you need to create an action that links to a new screen (that way you can send that “current data” to that new screen.

This new screen should be basically a duplicate of the previous screen, but then in the body of that screen, you now list the details of that item clicked.

For extra added effect, you should set the screen transition to “none”, that way it does appear to load on the same screen.

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I just tested, it actually works. I had to do it on 2 additional screens.
Thank you for your answer.

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