List as Filter for second List

Hi everyone,

dind’t found a topic for this while using the search. So here is my problem: If have an “Avatar List” on the top side of my screen. I now want the user to click on any of the icons and on the same page some sort of “Detail List” for this avatar should be shown.
Sadly in the “Detail List” i can’t get the Input from the “Avatar List” -> any ideas?

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I would create a Text input somewhere, and every time each avatar is clicked, I would update the Text input according to the name of each avatar item.

Then, I would use the Text input value in the Custom filter to only display the set with the conditions I want.

This text input will have a “Sometimes visible” property, so it’s hidden from other users.

I will do up a sample if I have the time, but hope this helps.

EDIT: I have done a cloneable sample here:


This is the perfect solution :slight_smile:

That worked perfectly. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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