Average Screen time

Hi everyone, is there a way for me to know average screen time?
How much time, on average, users spend using my app

Hey there @Berodela

Add a collection called “Screen Times” that contains a name, 2 date/time parameters (start time, end time), and a number parameter (duration).

When you click a link to a screen, Create a new Screen Time record so that the screen you want to track contains “Current Screen Time”. Type in the screen name as the name value, and set the start time to current time.

Have an “Update > current screen time” action on all links on that new screen to set the end time and then another update action with a custom formula where we subtract the end time minus the start time for the duration field.


Further to Flawless, you can easily get this info with Mixpanel plus a lot more of your app usage. Adalo fully integrates with Mixpanel, just create a Mixpanel account and add the token to your Adalo App settings.

You can also track user flow in your app and set up filters etc. v powerful.

The free plan on Mixpanel gives you quite a bit of info !

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The only issue i have with mixpanel is that its rather complicated and difficult to setup.

I’ve not seen anyone ever post any mixpanel tutorials with Adalo.

Yea its a little tricky. But the connection to it is only a token. It is more learnig how to use Mixpanel etc… but the insight it gives is fantastic. I monitor the most used features etc and make sure they are seen and accessed the easiest. This is with Mixpanel free version also on an App for teams. The report creation/dasboard creation isnt too difficult. Easier than Adalo learning curve :slight_smile:


If you have published the app you can connect a firebase account and you have all the google suite tu play with (analytics give you all the info you need)


To be transparent with you, I’ve connected 2 apps to mixpanel and spent about 15 minutes in mixpanel, only to not use it at all lol. :laughing:

I’ll admit I could definitely spend more time in it and learn it. Priorities on education. I’m studying React currently.

I’m in agreement with you @iAppsNi. Mixpanel is a better option for analytics as the method that I said will take up some app actions and can become costly.


Try firebase and analytics, you can set up a lot; for example:


Hello, i think you can see this kind of analytics in your firebase account that is related to your app, or in Google Analytics.

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