Backend Restaurant App: Database update as restaurant owner

Hello, I’m quite stuck with what the best way to go about this is, without messing up my database. I’m sharing my database from my main app (which shows restaurants, menus, menu item nutritional info, etc.) with a web based app, to allow restaurants to create a profile and add their own restaurant, menu item and nutritional info, as well as being able to update it and their profile whenever they’d like. I need the added restaurants from the web app to update my “Restaurants” collection and “Menu Items” collection, but have noticed it’s getting messy with restaurant owners being mixed in with “users” and data not being properly linked or available across forms in the web app. I’ve attached the screenshots of my collections and hope someone can help point me in the right direction for how to set this up. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 5.08.17 PM
Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 5.08.29 PM

You gotta add a True/False to your users database, the owner can edit the data if Owner=True

Thanks for the reply @KenanDada, I wanted to set it up as a separate web app solely for restaurant owners to input their data though. I figured it out now but I’m running into issues with my mobile app user side - added restaurants on the web app, that are favorited on the mobile app by users are not showing up in the logged in user>favorited menu items list in my favorites category under the respective restaurant. @dilon_perera do you think you could check out my database and see what might be going on with the favorited menu items list, on the mobile side again? It’s only not working correctly for restaurants that are added on the separate web app by restaurant owners. Is there an additional “or” filter for that list that I need to add? Any help is appreciated!

Yeah sure @CM11!

Add this email ( ) on the app access section! ( Gear icon on the left side in your editor and go to the App Access section and add the above email and I’ll take a look! Add me to the both web app and mobile app! )

Thank you

Great. However, when I go to “App Access” and click on “Add new team member” nothing comes up @dilon_perera it just takes me to a blank screen

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@dilon_perera okay I figured it out now and added/invited that email to both

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@CM11 , Check again!

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Awesome, thanks a ton!! Really appreciate the help and you doing that :pray: I hate to bother again, but I’m trying to connect a domain I purchased for the web app and I’m having a hard time getting a successful “test setup” when entering the domain in the publish section. I’ve looked up different articles on adjusting DNS settings and connecting domains, but I’m not having any luck. I purchased it from, I could send the DNS settings from my account on there if it is helpful. Not sure if you could help me with this domain issue at all. Even the adalo domain that’s in there by default isn’t opening correctly.

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Sure! Send me a DM!

@dilon_perera I’m not sure if I’m allowed to send direct messages on here yet. It’s not popping up as an option when clicking on your avatar, possibly because my account is fairly new. Any alternatives? Or could you DM me?

Send a DM!