Ban Screenshots, Ban Screen recording

Hello guys, i’d like to say that i dropped a new component which you can ban your users to take screenshots, or screen recording. for more info please check


Awesome :star_struck:

Great work @njimmy10 :facepunch:

And one question.

Does I can add this for a screen ? I mean when the user comes to that screen he can’t take screenshots and when the user goes to another screen the user can take screenshots.

Thank you

Yes of course, you can add it to only one screen.

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Oh that’s sounds good :sunglasses:

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Is this working on PWA or only in Native?

it only works on native

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Ah ok. Got it.
Thank you

It doesn’t appear this link is working, or that this component exists any longer. Can anyone confirm that or send an updated link?

The link has been updated:

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