Barcode (ISBN) Info

Hi! I’m want to implement a feature into my app were you can open the camera and scan an barcode (ISBN) and you get the info of the thing especially for books, vinyl records and things along those lines. Does anyone have any idea how to do something along those lines?

Btw if you need more info please message me!

You can use the barcode scanner component to capture the barcode information. We made a video about this awhile ago.

That only returns the barcode number - what you do afterwards is up to you. You can call specific product APIs like ISBN’s open API or 3rd party services like this - and present whatever information is returned.

Really depends on your use case.

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Thank you so much! If you don’t mind me asking do you know of any tutorials of how to implement APIs in Adalo? Again thanks for thanking the time to respond!

Hi @Cristobal,
Are you referring to this specific API or any other in general? Every API will have it’s own way of implementing although of course there are general practices:

Here is an example of Adalo API with Push notifications: Push Notifications - Adalo Resources

Hi! Thank you for responding I was referring to apis in general and how to implement them into Adalo I will check out the video you sent! Thank you!

This might be useful: Using Google Maps Matrix API in Adalo - YouTube

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I will definitely check it out thanks!