Basic(?): AND condition workaround

Hello experts,
I need an AND logic for “Sometimes Visible” to be based on two conditions.
e.g. if a fieldX value in current record is 5 and fieldY value is True.

I’m new to Adalo and couldn’t find the solution yet.
Your help is MUCH appreciated !


As I understand it (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong), this isn’t something that can be done in Adalo.

You could put a component into a group, set the group’s visibility based on one condition, and then set the component visibility based on another - but I don’t personally know if that’s good practice.

Hopefully someone with more experience can say whether doing the above would cause extra app lag or other issues.

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Thanks a lot @EchoTheOracle.

Community leaders? experts?

Thanks a lot

Hey @Vered,

@EchoTheOracle is completely right - you can do it using groups.
On the element itself you put a 2nd conditional visibility (fieldY value is True) and then you make a group out of this element and put a 1st conditional visibility on it (fieldX value is 5).

This should not cause a lot of extra workload on the app. Anyway this is the only workaround :slight_smile:



Thank you so much @Victor and @EchoTheOracle !!

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