Been working with a developer for 5+ months, in need

I began working with someone in August to build our native apps, and unfortunately they have been unable to complete the project. I have lost numerous contracts and opportunities as a result. I feel like just giving up on this project, but my colleague and I have put a lot into it and we want to get it out to kids in need.

It was intended to be an educational platform with psychological angle, with content for parents, children, and their physicians. We had built in quizzes with conditional responses attached; modules for each group (which included text, images, and videos); and some basic gamification for the kids.

We were developing native apps (iOS, Android), but at this point want to go a PWA route. We have an established domain and website we can work off of (Wordpress), and we have some code from the native app - but understand that can’t simply be translated over for the PWA.

I need a no-nonsense, highly-skilled professional who knows there stuff and can deliver quality work in a short period of time. All of the content is tee-d up and there would be no delays on our end.

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i Can Help DM Me or email @

Hello, I’m ready to help. This is my email:

Thank you!