Boardroom Booking App

Hi Everyone,

I am new to adalo and I am reaching out to ask for assitance in relation to my Boardroom booking app that I am currently developing.
Below are the the app requirements.

  • QR code is printed and placed out of the BoardRoom
  • Scan Qr code and see the schedule for that specific Boardroom for the next 3 workdays
  • Choose a time slot
  • Details required: Organization email, cell and Number of people
  • Booking to show as Tentative in the schedule
  • Arlert the appropriate Admin person of that Boardroom about the the booking placed to his/her Boardroom
  • Boardroom owners should be able to approve or move the placed booking to another time / Boardroom.
    Kindly share me your suggestion on setting up my database and more

I will be very much delighted for your assistance and I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi @Development ,

I would start with start date time and end date time for booking collection, and additional organization and admin users as relationship fields to this booking collection.

Having mockup screens is useful to determine what other functions needed.

Hi @Yongki kindly help to elaborate a bit more about this you can maybe share some few screens as an example thank you.

Here are screenshots from my example app,

It can be used as base logic to booking related app.

Thank you so much @Yongki
Do you mind sharing me the clonable version of your app example​:clap::pray:?

maybe this template by @santiago can help you get started: 📅 NEW TEMPLATE: BOOKING APP like airbnb (different prices per day, multiple reservation days and more) - #2 by Wonja

You can also ask him to customize it or ask for help after getting his template

This is paid example app that contains logic that you can use and you can try the previewer as much as you can to make sure it will serve your needs, as booking function is tricky.

It can check booking from other users to avoid conflicting dates, so no two users booking allowed to have the same booking. (date or date time).

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