How to apply booking app business logic for the calendar component

So I’ve seen a lot of people try to use time slots for booking apps. I would prefer to use the calendar component but I want to build some business logic like below:

Ideally I’d like to have 2 conditions when making a booking:

Condition 1:
PROPERTY = all of a collection (appointments for userid)
TYPE = Does not contain
VALUE = end date in collection > start date of appointment being created

Condition 2:
PROPERTY = all of a collection (appointments for userid)
TYPE = Does not contain
VALUE = start date in collection < end date of appointment being created

So you can’t create conditions when you add a form and pull from a collection, but if I add manual fields then I can create conditions for an action button however when I get that far there just seems no way to change the “sometimes” conditions to actually select those values above such as startdate and enddate with a condition!

Any thoughts on this Adalo team or fellow no-coders?

Really don’t wan to do timeslots as its massively inefficient, horrible to setup and in fairness doesnt match well to time and dates…


Hi @CUE99T ,

I have made an example before, it may/may not suits you.

Thanks Yongki…

I’m looking for not a mobile app, but a web app so not sure if its different date/time picker…it seems different?

You seem to be able to get minutes and hours but I only get half hour slots…

I checked the feature requests list and it seems to be heavily requested…not sure when it will be offerred though but its a huge pain for me…and my customers waiting to use our app…

Thats my first observation.

In Adalo, logic and components are the same both for mobile size screens and web desktop screens.

They differ just in screen sizes.

If you could give example in spreadsheet what you are trying to accomplish, I could take another look.

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To prevent double booking, are you allocating time to a resource?

OK, so Ive cloned the app…thanks for that…and see its time slots you created,… I was trying to avoiod doing it like that as I’d assume you need to create a database of slots for months and months at a time…? Did you manually create the slots or did you automate that within Adalo or using a 3rd party?

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Hello, I’m trying the app you sent but it gives me an error… I make reservations on 03/22/22 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and when it creates the reservation, it creates the date wrong (23/03/22 de 7 a 10)

Screen Recording 2022-03-22 at 6.42.01 AM

It works for me.

Could be the timezone.

ok great, how better that then? because the app will be in several countries and each country has a different schedule, if today I reserve the day 22/3 why do I reserve the day 23/2… I’m seeing how to solve it
I just entered a page to transform hours to days and they are the same as the slots that are in the app.
calculating what I see in my app a difference of approximately 21 hours