[BUG] Form Element - Image

I am working on a PWA (phone) and I am having some trouble uploading images. It works fine when I use it on my laptop but the buttons are unresponsive on my phone.

Hi @JohnNope :wave:

Can you send a screen recording what is happening? I tested with my phone and works normal.

Or you can Submit A Support Ticket

Thank you

I submitted a ticket. What browser did you use? It doesn’t work on Chrome for me; regular or incognito. It works in duckduckgo.

I’m using the Chrome browser

On a phone?
Stupid 20 character requirement!

Yes I setup the form in my app and I downloaded the PWA on my phone and it works,

Stupid 20 character requirement!

I didn’t get it

I just opened it in my browser. I haven’t downloaded anything.

I downloaded the app scanning the Qr code to my phone ( PWA )

Scanning the code only opens the app on my android. Are you on an iPhone?

Hmm no. I have a Android phone

Mine only opens the page in a new tab. It doesn’t download it.

You mean when you scan the Qr code? If you scan the Qr code you can add it to the home screen

I don’t even get that option.

When you scan the Qr code it opens the chrome and a new tab.

And there is 3 dots on top click that and you will get a option in the bottom like Add to the home screen. Then you can add it to the home screen

Not what I was looking for but this is helpful on another level; thank you!

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Your welcome

@JohnNope sorry I think I didn’t understand your question :neutral_face: Can you add some screenshots if you can and explain it?

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