Building a simple comments section

Not looking for the ability to like or tag, not even looking for threaded replies, just looking to build a simple ability to post a comment below a video, and perhaps to paginate those comments.

Where should I start? Any tutorial videos on this sort of thing?

Hi Tanner :wave:

And sorry the videos are bit slow because my Computer is slow a bit :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope it helps!

Thank you

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Is there audio here @dilon_perera?

Hmm No. Sorry Tanner. Because my mic is not working

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I will pay very close attention then.

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You can do it!

After that you can customize it.

The first video is creating and a part of the preview and other video is the 2nd part of the preview.

@dilon_perera you are wonderful. You should see how great I have this thing working. I will message you a link to look. Thank you so much!

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Thanks and Your Welcome!

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