How to add comments to posts

So I can’t seem to figure out how to add comments to posts. I searched the forum but it only gives you access to a Facebook clone app. I did check out that app, but it doesn’t show the process of how to do it. Does someone have a the steps, or a video on how to do it?

Hi @7KingzWhite,

Maybe this can help you!

In here it’s created for videos and you can create the relationship between Posts instead of Videos.

Thank you

That was a bit confusing. No audio and it was moving pretty fast. I’ll try to look at it more and see if I can follow along. Are there any step by steps on the topic?

I’m sorry because my mic is broken. And I recreated the video slowly.

And these videos also may help you : Creating a Restaurants Directory and Reviews App using Adalo - YouTube , Database Design For ANY Feature | Likes, Comments & Shopping Cart Examples | Adalo & Bubble 🤓 - YouTube

Good Luck!

I should be able to get it accomplished with those resources. Thank you very much sir! I appreciate your efforts and prompt responses. Thanks again

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So I ran into a roadblock. In the walkthrough video you sent me, when you add the “custom list” and go in to set the attributes; you choose Current post > Comments in the filter section. When I go into the filter section the “Current post” option isn’t available. How do I get that option?

You need to pass the Current Data. Is it possible to send a clonable app to see?

How do you “pass current data”? And how can I send a cloneable app?

Screens only or screens & data?


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It’s because you didn’t linked the Post list to the comments screen.

Check this :

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Thank you very much! And for future, how do you link it? I’m sorry for all the questions, just very new to this.

Your Welcome!

Link means Link action :

All the best with your app!

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That part I knew…I’m just wasn’t seeing where it was linked. But I see it now. Thanks

And now I just go back and make it not cloneable right? That way nobody has access…correct?

Yep make it as not clone-bale then nobody has access for it!

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