Calculate time difference between two Date & Time values


I can see this has been asked before, but can´t find a solution. Is it possible to calculate the hours and minutes between two date & time values?


Hey, yes it is!

You can work this out by subtracting the older date from the newer date using normal mathematical expressions (-)

This will give you the result in days. You then need to add into your expression to multiply the days by 24 to get hours, or by 24 and then by 60 to get minutes.

({date1} - {date2}) x 24 x 60 (this gives you minutes, for example)

If you want to display a duration, you need to to the above, and then work out and subtract the hours in the same formula.

Hope that helps?

Hi - thank you for the reply.

Perfekt, i solved it :+1:


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