Can Adalo use voice & face recognition?


Does Adalo have the capability to allow the users to a voice and face recognition to help them with the content i.e. pronunciation practice in order for them to hear the sounds, practice the sounds, pass a quiz if they make the sound correctly.

Would it be an addition like a plug in or 3rd party app?

Thank you!

Yes plug in (custom component) or 3rd party API.
This will be difficult to do in a slick way - just my opinion.

Hello, as @Rozza has mentioned, you’re able to implement this feature through an API integration with a 3rd party API. There a multiple 3rd party APIs available, especially for Face recognition and it’s easy to implement them. First, you can check the API documentation of it and then integrate it with your app through a custom action or a custom component.

Thank you!

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Hi @jools
There is a template that you can start point with voice recording - Audio Recorder & Speech To Text

We also have template face recognition application that we sell with camera component and integration with face recognition service. You can check how it works on following video YouTube

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