Can I ask for some opinions please?

Hi all. Ive had my app declined by Apple on the basis of ‘some of your screens are too crowded’. I’ve lived and breathed this for months, and like my child, I can only see the beauty.

Please can someone objective give me some feedback about what they might be getting at?

Having experienced the whimsical approach of the Apple team for many years, I suggest that you will pass the next try, if you change the background image behind the content. It is really tiresome for the eye. Why don’t you make the bakground picture blurred or filtered by a soft color?
Wish you success my friend…

Apple is hit and miss they can make problems for little reason.

My advice is the same as @Omni - changing for a more neutral background might do the trick.

I’ll definitely take that onboard. Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback. I love your videos btw, they’ve helped me enormously.

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