Can I make a rectangle change color in a list depend on which topic it shows?

I am trying to make users to collect each own focus topic and struggles (on two different sides) with a toggle.

See pictures below

Those “toggled” topics will be listed on an seperated list (almost as a favorited list - but we just call it “chosen list focused and chosen struggles”

For now this list looks like this

Is it possible to show that list in different colors from that specific topic? For example CYON for “focus” and PINK for “struggles”?

Without making to list

Thank for a great community :heart:

At least, for sure, you can create an copy and paste it and change visibility conditions to show color A if the category is blabla and color B of category is yaya.

EDIT : To be more understandable.
Based on your last image. Make the blue and pinks words clikable.
You can add on the database to userloggin a number call Blueorpink.
Dublicate the 4 blocks to have 8 of them. 4 are blue, 4 are pink. If Blueorpink = 0 show blue blocks. If Blueorpink = 1 show pink blocks (actually, you might want to have 4 more, white, showing when Blueorpink is on 2).
You can add actions on your clickable words to change Blueorpink to the expected number.

I hope you can make sense of what I’m saying


Hi @adjen ,

To have different colors for component, we need to have multiple components with different visibility.

So if your focus and struggles have different value, it can be put into visibility.

Put them above and below each other with no space.

If you need more space above them, add rectangle and uncheck the background, so it will become invisible.


Aha ok thanks!
For now I already have an clickable action that links to on other screen with more info about that topic. But can I add this update user setting to the toggle?

Sorry. I meant add and/or update to user collection

As long as you have the “Add actions”, you can do it :slight_smile:

Make sur to put the action before pushing the new page tho


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