Cant tell if my phone is the problem or if its my app

I made an app and on the previewer it works perfectly fine. Its quick and does what its supposed to. But when I downloaded the app and used it on my phone its almost unuseable! Its so slow and sometimes doesnt even load anything.

I am just wondering if its my app or my phone. I only have 1 phone so I dont have a way to test it.
If anyone is interested in helping me that would be awesome. I just need a few people to download it and see if its useable.

If its my app Im going to have to try FlutterFlow and its giving me a headache. I really hope its just my phone lol

Kindly send me the link so I can test on multiple devices.
Also, are you experiencing the lag on Android?

Yes here is a link to download it. Its Android. I dont have any iOS devices right now.

Thank you so much for your help.

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