Careerjet (job listing) api


I need Careerjet job listing API to my app. Right now my app has employers and job seekers. Employer can create job application and job seekers sees them but I need Careerjet API to list more job applications to my app.

Reply if you can do this how much your work cost in dollars $.

EDIT: Here is the API Careerjet public search API |

Do you want to list jobs from career jet?

Yes! :slight_smile:

That is absolutely doable, it’ll cost ca 1000$.
What you get is a cloud solution that automatically fetches job listings at a pre-set interval that you decide.
The job listings are then pushed automatically to your adalo database where you can manipulate them further.

Extra features:
You can add the feature of auto-deleting listings that are older than a specific amount of time.
We can also automate push notifications
Bulk edits and more.