Challenges Integrating Third-Party APIs with My Adalo Website

I’m encountering difficulties integrating third-party APIs with my Adalo website. Despite following documentation and troubleshooting steps, I’m unable to successfully connect and utilize certain APIs, hindering the functionality and user experience of my website.


  1. API Integration Goals: My website relies on various third-party APIs to enhance features such as user authentication, data retrieval, and external service integrations. However, I’ve faced obstacles in seamlessly integrating these APIs into my Adalo app.
  2. Connection Setup: I’ve diligently followed the instructions provided by the API documentation and Adalo’s integration guidelines to set up connections. However, despite entering correct credentials and configuring endpoints, the integration fails to establish or function properly.
  3. Error Handling: Upon attempting to test the API integration, I encounter error messages or unexpected behavior that hampers the functionality of my website. These errors range from authentication failures to data retrieval issues, making it challenging to pinpoint the root cause.
  4. Data Mapping Challenges: Even when the API connection is established, I struggle with mapping the retrieved data to the appropriate fields within my Adalo app. This results in inconsistent or incorrect display of information, leading to a subpar user experience.
  5. Performance Concerns: In addition to technical challenges, I’m concerned about the performance impact of API integrations on my website. I need guidance on optimizing API calls and minimizing latency to ensure smooth operation and responsiveness.

Request for Assistance:

  1. Expertise in troubleshooting common issues encountered during API integration with Adalo apps.
  2. Tips and best practices for configuring API connections, handling authentication, and mapping data effectively within the Adalo platform.
  3. Recommendations for reliable third-party APIs compatible with Adalo, particularly for features such as user authentication, geolocation services, and data retrieval.
  4. Insights on optimizing performance and minimizing latency when utilizing multiple APIs within an Adalo app.

I’m eager to overcome these challenges and leverage the full potential of third-party APIs to enhance the functionality and user experience of my Adalo website. Any assistance, guidance, or resources provided by the forum community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

Hi @joeroot,

Welcome to the forum!

It’s somewhat difficult to give you a meaningful advice how to solve your exact issue, as you haven’t provided much details. There are 10000s of APIs out there, and although they may have something in common, there are a lot of details which are specific to an exact API.

There are some common troubleshooting principles, although I doubt that there is a written guide which exists for this - it’s a broad topic. I’d say that my usual approach is:

  1. read the docs and evaluate if the API can be integrated with Adalo in general (e.g. if it’s an XML-based API, there is no luck)
    → see how authentication is set up, this might be a roadblock
    → Adalo can’t use 3rd party auth, so if your users are stored externally, this is an issue
    → what are the main calls and what do they need/return (Adalo can only send JSONs, if they require multipart/form-data then some 3rd party products are needed)

  2. Test the API calls in Postman. This is the easiest way to study and test API.

  3. Integrate API into Adalo. There are 2 possible ways to integrate: External Collections (for the calls which return arrays of records) and Custom Actions (for the calls which get/receive one record).

  4. If direct integration isn’t possible, evalaluate alternatives. E.g. I use Make very frequently for integration purposes - as it’s too complicated or not possible to do some things in Adalo.

If you would like to get help on a specific issue, you can post the question with this issue on a forum and probably someone can help you.
For a broader cases like in your message, I’d say that this requires an expert consultation or even several consultations.


Thank you, Victor, for your detailed response and guidance.

I appreciate your suggestions on troubleshooting API integration issues. Your breakdown of the process, from reading the documentation to testing in Postman and integrating into Adalo, is very helpful.

I’ll follow your advice and go through each step meticulously to identify and resolve any issues with the API integration. If I encounter specific roadblocks or challenges along the way, I’ll be sure to reach out to the forum for assistance. Your insight is invaluable, and I’ll keep your recommendations in mind as I work through these challenges. Thanks again for your support!

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