Change connected Stripe Account


I’m creating an app for a client and i used my stripe account during the tests.
Now i would like to swap to his stripe account but i can’t find the way to disconnect my stripe account…

Does somebody knows where i could do this ?

Many thanks.

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where you able to do this?

I am facing a similar problem.

Colin helped me on this one.

“You are able to do this through your Stripe dashboard by logging in and going to the left nav settings > middle column > authorized accounts > select the app > remove”


I removed them but it says it’s still connected on adalo’s end. Any suggestions?

Now my app is useless Ops

The worst part is it was working fine I just didn’t see the collected fee because there’s a separate fee tap on the stripe dashboard.

So if you have removed your Adalo account from the stripe dashboard (and you aren’t connected on another stripe instead), and it still shows Stripe connected you might need to submit a support ticket.