Cannot add Stripe Account

I added the Stripe Payment component for the first time. When I clicked on “Connect with Stripe” it took me to the web page to add my account but then immediately told me that i was successful without me entering any information.
Now when I drag the component over it says “Stripe Connect active”. How do I confirm the Stripe account that has been added?

Thank you in advance.

@jason.morris welcome to the community. It looks like your Stripe was already logged in when you tried to connect with Adalo, so it got connected automatically.

In order to test, you can select test mode on the left panel and try sending a few transactions through and see in stripe dashboard (test) data.

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Thank you so much. Yes I tried on another computer with another app I’m doing and made sure that I wasn’t logged into Stripe. Then as soon as I signed into Stripe it added the account to the new app.

Suggestion is to have somewhere that we can check which Stripe account is being used as well as a way to change it if need be.

Thank you again and Happy New Year!

You can check this within your Stripe dashboard with Connected Apps. You will see Adalo listed there and you can choose to remove it from that page.

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