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Good day everyone!
I’m new to this program and I’ve come across a problem that I still can’t solve on my own. The bottom line is this: an application for a beauty salon, I have a function for choosing the date and time of the visit in the form of a date picker and a drop-down list with time. Under the dropdown list, I want to fix an alert that will appear when the selected time is already reserved by someone. How can I implement this? Thanks a lot in advance!

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The drop down is connected to the Times collection and you have a relationship between the Times collection and Bookings collection to store the selected time for that booking!

I believe you need a condition that look like this!

All Bookings ( collection name ) Count > is equal to > 1 and a filter that Time ( relationship between Times collection and the Bookings collection ) > Time ( the property that the time stored in the Times collection ) > is equal to > Other Components > Time ( drop down name ) > Time.

And also adding this topic created by Yongki for prevent duplicate reservations! : Prevent Double Date Time Reservation

Thank you

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Alas, but I’m afraid that this condition does not work. The warning appears at any given time, despite the fact that I did everything exactly as you suggested. I’ve tried everything and I don’t understand what could be the problem.

Once you have a booking for this date then the text is displaying! Check and try again!

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