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Hy I’m making a booking app for a carpet cleaning company. I managed to do mostly everything except this. How can I do that If somebody booking an appointment with X and Y date and time, the other people can’t book for that time. At the moment the booking is made with 'form" where they can put they details (phone number booking timeand date name ect)
Thanks for any help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @GeriHDHUN ,

Take a look at this,

I checked what you sent, but for me it’s totally not understandable.
Can you help me somehow?
If I can set all the time slots to be false, and the time slots where they book it will be true. And when the system is see a “true” time slot then it would not book again for that time slot and pop up a message about it that slot is already booked.

@GeriHDHUN ,

I will get back to you later.

Your “true” time slot is what it is all about.

@GeriHDHUN ,

You can clone again. I have fixed some bugs.

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Basically, it checks whether reservations have already existed or not, if it contain records then it will become not available.

That’s not exactly what I need, I’ll send my app, which is in a foreign language, but I think you will understand. Can you build the checking mechanics in to it? I looked in the app what you sent, but I didn’t managed to do a lot with it.

Here is the app : WashExpert

Where “data si ora” is written, that’s the part where it should be checked. If" x" is booked for “y” time then for the same time combination the app should not allow to book again. I would be very grateful if you could do this for me, it is almost the last step until my app is finished. Thanks in advance.

Okay, I made addition that it is in form and using single date time (without duration).

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You can choose which one you want to implement. :grinning:

All my respect is yours my friend but I still don’t managed to figure it the logic of this.
Can you do this booking system in my app somehow?

You can give me access to your app, and we had better do this in private message.

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