Check if a record Is present in my collection

Hello, i have a custom action that download some info about a restaurante and add a record to a local collection, the restaurant Is linked to the logged in user.

How can i check if the restaurant Is already present in my collection to avoid double entries?

I’m struggling with custom action’s sometimes/Always for hours :frowning:

One way is to compare names. You check if the restaurant’s name that you are adding to the collection already exists in the collection. If it exists, you don’t add it. If it doesn’t exist, you add it.

But this is a complicated one because it’s not unusual for a restaurant name to be used multiple times (franchises), or for the same restaurant name to exist in entirely different cities, and be owned independently.

Hello, you can make the custom action sometimes available if (The current collection doesn’t contain current restaurant).

Thank you!

Actually i have only a restaurant code i Will use that tò avoid problema with franchising with the same name