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Hey, is there a component with which I can preset the colors of my app? The goal is that I specify a default color and other possible colors and the user can then adjust the color of his app from the default colors.


Could you be looking for the setting under “branding”? ( the pallete icon)

edit: oh, I see what you’re going for. disregard.

The free component Rectangle Component from the Marketplace let you show a color based on database value. I use it in my new app Kooban for filter tags with colors

i don’t know if can help you.

Exemple : you create a setting with dropdown linked to your database COLORS ( Name + Text HEX CODE ) and in your app you add some Rectangle Component based on Current user > COLORS

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Yes, but I want to customize circles and other elements as well

I specifically asked to an adalo staffer about the color property for collections, but got no response. It would be very convenient to recall the color (in HEX format) from the database

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When did you inquire?

2-3 weeks ago

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Can anyone build such a componente?

@jessehaywood have you an Idea?

A good place to ask

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Hi Michael,

There’s a component called Color Picker made by Visual Dev Studio that maybe can help you!

You can see it under the Paid components tab.

It will be great if Adalo can add a feature that we can point a property to the hex colour of the screen settings colour setup to make this nice!

Thank you

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Thanks, but I do not want to pick a color but I want to change all the colors of the adalo components individually

impossible for all components allow you to change colour, it depends on individual components support colour code from the database or not. I have a grid component that supports that, it depends on database entries for the background colour of the grid.


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