Color variation on app

when i am on my laptop the color is a peach color, but when I am on my phone it is a pink color. so can someone explain why in share mode on a phone the color changes versus when using a computer or laptop. this can be confusing when you share it with someone and they may not like the color and say something to you when providing feedback.

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Can you send some screenshots?

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Screenshot 2021-09-25 7.11.15 PM

Its the same color its just when you are using a phone it looks pink and when you are on a laptop/computer it looks peachy. So when I am ready to published on Google or Apple will it look peachy or pink

This is down to the different displays on your devices. Every screen will display colours slightly differently


Hmm. @Briggsy is correct. Select a dark color(blue,orange,etc) or white.

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