Compare two records from different collections

hi all,

well i am building a guessing app that you guess who is the winning team before the game starts
so the user will get points at the end of the league and see how many he got correct


the problem that i am facing i cannot compare the actual winning team result with the user selected winning team

or should i update or create a new collection to add all the information in one collection

so after i click the game that i want to guess i add all the information in one collection

Any Help is highly appreciated :pleading_face:

I am not sure the exact design that you want to achieve, like if you want to show a list of all games and then allow a user to see if they won a bet only on a game they bet. Here is a quick video showing how you can display a list of all games. Then if the user bet on the game, it will show a button where they can see if they won. When they click on the button it takes them to a page that shows if they are a winner or a loser. I am sure this is not the exact idea you have, but I think it will help you unblock the problem.


thank you so much i got to send information of two collections using this method

custom list in another custom list, this is crazy but it worked