Component request - drag drop uploader

Any component makers feel up to making a drag and drop image / file uploader?

@njimmy10 @Michael @James_App_Maker @knight

See for an example.

My requirements in a loose order of importance

  • Use as file / image picker in custom form
  • Custom component size w/ rounding, colour, icon, outline (or make it clear and overlay it)
  • Amazon S3 integration or others, private keys and urls from magic text
  • File type restrictions
  • File size limit
  • Single or multiple files
  • Image compression at browser /app level
  • Option to run action when upload complete
  • Option to run action for each file when upload complete
  • Option to use in a traditional file / image picker sense if being used on a device instead of web

If you think it’s worthy of a public release then let’s chat here, or feel free to DM.

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I’ve started to develop a multi-file upload component. Interesting idea, to drag and drop.

Ah sorry forgot to include you @Flawless @Flawless

@Rozza Haha how did you read our mind.
This is about to come out. We (NoCode Monkey) just finished development on it.

Send me a DM and I’ll let you try it out.

What a wonderful coincidence. Thanks Michael. I’m sure it will be quality.

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