Concatenating a value load an image from a URL dynamically

Is there a way to load an image from a URL that is constructed dynamically. For example on the update action we can do something like “record folder url”/image.png, but when we load an image we can’t do this, it seems that it only takes the dynamic text without support for concatenation.

Trying to do something like the image below

@sebapereyro that should definitely be possible. What challenges are you running into?

Hey @Ben, the challenge seems to be related that the URL field does not takes a concatenation, if I write a full URL it works, but if I construct the URL with a value from the DB + a string, it will not load.

@sebapereyro it looks like the value in your database for rating image url already has a file extension as part of it, so it wouldn’t need to be concatenated with anything.

Hey @Ben thanks for checking. Yes now in the DB I have a full url, thats because I ended up storing the full url for the image because it works. But I’d like to be able to concatenate a value dynamically, say have in the database a value like this “” and then be able to concatenate with a string “/specific-image.png” and that doesn’t seem to be supported or working if it should, at least for me :man_shrugging: