Countdown Timer Help!

Hello smart people!

I am creating a workout app that has a countdown timer.

  • When the timer hits 0 seconds, the action is to go to the second screen
  • There is also a button on the same page with an action to go to the second screen

Question 1:

  • When I press the button to go to the next screen, the countdown timer still runs in the background and reloads the page once it hits 0 seconds, even though I am already on the second screen. Is there an easy way to cancel the countdown timer’s action if the button’s action is executed?

Question 2:

  • When I am on the second screen and press back to go to the first screen, the countdown timer is set at 0 seconds. Is there an easy way to have the timer reset to the default amount?

Thanks in advance!

Actions will not execute if user goes to a different screen using the button, and countdown timer does not run in the backgroud.

Try using a direct link to first screen instead of a link to back.

Thanks @EnriqueGomez for your response.

When I set a countdown timer (in a list) on the first screen for 10 seconds, but press the “next” button (also in a list) with 2 seconds left on the timer, it will go to the next screen, but then the page will reload again 2 seconds later as if the timer still carries over.

Has anyone experienced this too and know a workaround?

This works for the timer, but then I get the missing data links for linking back to a screen.

Does anyone know a workaround solution for this as well?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @TrZd,

Check this video made by @Victor! : Adalo Mini-App series: CountDown Timer Pause and Continue - YouTube

Added it here : Workouts

Thank you

You can set a conditional action in the countdown timer, so if user hit the button, countdown timer action will not execute.

Try making the countdown timer a list, so it must reload every time you visit the screen but I am not sure if it would work.

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