Create a multiple entrys on database and show in a list

Well… I’m a new user here!! I’m trying to do something but no success!

What I need to do is simple! But I need some assistance over here!

First of all!!! I have created a database to get some info about clients… Then I did that:

What I need is:

  1. to Create a routine with some exercises. But if I create another entry ANOTHER data is added on database in another entrys…

At the last screen, I’d like to have ALL info over there! And the criterium is only the first field! When I set “A”, “B” or “C”.

Like, If I set “A”, all entry with “A” (first field) gonna be print at the last screen like a list… “B” the same and so does “C”

What is happening is a lot of “A” entrys. I’ve checked at database and it looks multipling not on the same entry what is creating a lof of “A” entrys…

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