Create "Simple List" a snapshot that doesn't update until page reload

Hi there! I’m working on an app and I’ve come across what seems to be an interesting problem. Googling and searching the forums didn’t help since the thing I want to do is usually what people don’t want to happen…

I have a page for my coaches to update a client’s “plan” for the next week. I’d like for them to assign the clients new tasks, BUT ALSO be able to see their task list from the previous week. I currently have two lists, one that shows all the Current Client’s assigned tasks and then a second list of all the possible tasks for the Coach to toggle on or off. (See image)

It all works great, except that whenever a task is added or removed, the top list (which is supposed to be of the previous week) also updates to reflect the new assigned tasks.

Is there a way to “Freeze” a list in time so that it doesn’t update with new information? Or maybe a way to make a temporary list that looks exactly like the old list but doesn’t change with new information?

Here’s an image of my “section” for you to see a bit of what I mean:

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Hi Ben,

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You need to get last week tasks? I think you would need a filter like this ( I guess you already have a date property ) :



Thank you

Hey Dilon,

Thanks for the welcome! Sadly, this doesn’t quite work. Each task isn’t actually an individual task. It’s actually an “evergreen” task that gets assigned to many different people, possibly many weeks in a row.

For example, they’re things like “Read for 30 minutes per day” or “Clean the Bathroom”. So instead of being completed, Coaches just remove them from the client list (or keep them!).

There are also “assignments” that are “one off” and have due dates, so this solution works great for those, but I wasn’t having issues with them…

Ah then you would need to create another collection and create a record after the Admin adds that user with a date property. And then you can show that collection in the top list and filtered.

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Hi @mycheze ,

You might want to create additional collection and stack these collections on top, so whenever you need the tasks to be on top, move to this new collection.

On screen, you have 2 lists stacked, top and bottom.

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