Creating a like/favorite system?

I have a custom list, I’ve added the “heart” icons (outlined and filled in) and I’m having a difficult time understanding how to make the heart icon fill in once it is clicked.

Furthermore, I’d like to have all of the favorited items visible in one list that is accessible from my bottom navigation bar, which currently has Home, Search, Favorite, and Profile.

I saw that this was possible in a tutorial video, but I don’t think they went into detail on how to achieve it.

So when you select the heart icon and select an action, there should be an option that says something along the lines of “favorite”. Then you just select the “clicked icon” to be a filled in heart icon. So when a user presses it, it favorites the item, and changes the icon to the filled icon.

Then in your favorites tab in the tab bar, just add in a list and have the list be “User > Favorites”. And it’ll auto-populate.

I don’t have my computer in front of me so this isn’t exactly how it works, but this is how I remember setting up my Favorites section for an app. I can give you more detail tonight if this doesn’t work.

I recommend creating a new app from the travel template. That is how I learned how it works and applied those learning to my app.

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Thanks Austin. The problem I have is that when I “like” something it likes every item in my custom list, instead of just the one I clicked. Any ideas there?

This link here has instructions on how to add a favorite button in a list.

That will let you have each individual item in a list be added to their favorites without it selecting ALL items in the list.

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