Creating a personal Db

Hello i’m building an app with a DB full of characters, i need to let the user choose from those characters and copy on a personal db, i need help on the second part of this project.

Actually i have a login/register screen that give access to the characters DB and to the search function, but i need to create a screen that give the user the possibility to choose among those characters and creat a “squad” of 5 ppl. Those ppl will take Experience points and lvl up along time. is there a way to do this inside adalo?

Hi @Skydragon980 ,

It seems this part is critical part of your app.

Adalo can do many ways but depends on requirements and database design.

So your issues will need a deep down to the app.

Let me know if you need my service.

Hello, this is a critical part of an upcoming update of the application, i don’t know if is possible to do and how. i surely need your service but i don’t know if i can afford the price :smiley:

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