Custom formula editing issue

The custom formula feature is really powerful. I’m finding though that building them out and then trying to edit them is quite difficult. I find that if I remove an element from the formula that I can’t add or replace that element where I need within the formula. Rather, the new element is essentially appended to the end of the formula, which isn’t very helpful, which forces the need to update the entire formula again, which isn’t very agile as changes come up as I work.

Is there a way to edit formulas that I’m missing? I attached a screenshot of an example custom formula I’m dealing with. They aren’t terribly complex, but with 10 or more of these within the application, they become a challenge to redo.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions on how you are working with custom formulas.

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@jsteb Hi Jas, unfortunately you are not missing something. The formula editing is just - let’s call it “user unfriendly”. :cold_sweat:

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I have created a bug report of this and made the dev team aware of the issue.

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