Custom formula not working

Hey @ben1, but my custom formula is still not working. Is this a new problem or still the same issue? This is a screenshot from just now when trying to set up a new formula.

Hey @KBass,

Sorry you’re still seeing this! Can you confirm if you have refreshed or closed and reopened the tab? Will you submit a ticket for this? I will be sure to bump it with the team, but in my testing the initial issue was resolved, so this may be something else entirely.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Ahh! This was purely a result of me not closing out and re-opening the tab. So sorry to raise a false flag! Thank you, it’s working now :slight_smile:


No problem! Happens to all of us haha. Glad that it was a quick fix and you’re able to continue your work. :grinning:


Definitely swept under the rug lol

Hey @Flawless,

Thanks for the feedback and input here. I understand that stability is of importance to everyone! We absolutely want to ensure the most stable of Adalo as we can! There are obviously always dependencies that can go down and cause broad outages, but ultimately, we do still need to have plans in place for as many of these as possible. The unfortunate thing is that we can’t foresee every possible outage or dependency that may cause us issues.

This case was related to some upcoming feature work that was shipped, and we missed this in testing. to your point @pushingpandas, We do use staging and test environments, and we are always adding to our automated tests. Again though here, it’s hard to have 100% of scenarios covered by both of these all at once. It’s a process of building the tests you can think of, and then adding ones when you find something that was missed(case like this).

As a company, we have had to make decisions to balance being nimble and shipping things quickly, but testing thoroughly enough to feel confident that it will not break things. This means that we will inevitably miss some bugs when adding features. And that we may even introduce some new bugs when attempting to fix existing ones.

We are committed to reacting to those issue though as quickly as possible, to reduce the impact to all of our makers and your end users and customers. So now onto this incident and the support tickets submitted etc.

Our support team is not online on the weekends. We work to keep eyes on the queues for major breaks or outages that go uncaught in our monitoring services, but we can miss things still. @iAppsNi reached out to us through a Community Leader channel and that caught my attention to take a look at the forum and the tickets. That is when I flagged it internally, and our engineer was quickly able to identify the code merge that caused this, and deploy a fix to resolve the issue.

We will talk through ways we can be more mindful and aware of tickets that come in on weekends to help reduce the time from identifying an issue, and getting it flagged and resolved.


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