Dark mode in PWA? Why?

I was surprised when I published my PWA and opened it on Android browser. It appeared with weird dark colors on background, buttons, text and all. When I change my phone theme to light mode, everything went back to normal.
Is there a way to disable that???

Thank you!!!

Hello, yes there’s a way to disable it. You can change the backgrounds of the app’s screen from transparent to white.

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All my screens are white. Take a look at what browser does with my login screen…

Xiaomi? Problem of MIUI

Yes okay, so please try to add a white rectangle as a background.

Thank you!

The same… I found something about Samsung browser. This is terrible. We know Samsung has a big part of the market and their browser is the default one. Very sad.

Hello, well you can add dark mode feature in your app, so then the users can choose the dark view mode made by the app not by samsung browser.

Thank you!

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