Database issue for my app

Hi team,

So we are doing a database driven quiz app, so in my quiz it was working fine still yesterday but today I can’t go after the 1st question (no question visible after the 1st question) in preview mode, so I taught it was because I used 100% of the free records, so I got the free trail version and checked it but still it was not working. It happened to me many times. So is upgrading to the starter pack will be the only the solution or is there any other problems.

Please help,
Thank you

can you explain the problem better? is not only the text visible or does a completely blank screen appear?

Can you please provide some screenshot especially for the quizz screen (whre the problem is) and your databse structure please

only text :point_down:

1st que

After 1st ques

Database structure:-

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did you worked with visibility? for example, that text Is visible “only if…”

Thank you ! Like @Marino I think it’s a Visibility error

If all work correctly, what appen when the user end all questions ?

No problem at visibility , it is in always visibility and at the end of all the questions, there score will be visible

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