Database not reflecting Issue

Hi everyone

I have been sitting with this database issue for weeks on end.
Regardless of follow every tutorial on YouTube my databases are not showing on the front end for some reason.

All my databases created shows count 7 for some reason and i don’t know why, is there something im missing?

It wont even show “recent” it only shows the users data tables.

Oh, i am afraid that you are not using data base in a correct way to display the needed information. Why don’t you try adding a simple list to the “content” and then a screen to display its details?

Everything seems to be correct according the all the articles and tutorials…
As you can see below NONE of the tablets want to reflect on the page itself.(so if i call “content"article” table “x” it only shows COUNT for some odd reason.
I’m not sure why what is going on here anymore.

So following the tutorial step by step did not help, i got the same result.

Hello @SociallyBean,

It seems that you’ve made some mistake when you implemented your screen flow.
In order to get data from the collection record on a certain screen, your screen needs to be able to access this record’s data. So before your “content” screen (where you display the record’s content), you need to place a screen with the list of records. And for this list you add an action to go to “content” screen, where you will magically see “Current …” available.

For example:

  • on the home screen you add a Simple List
  • you make this a list of Cats
  • then you set up this list (set title, subtitle and so on)
  • you add an action to this list to go to Cats Details screen (another one)
  • on Cats Details screen you will have Current Cat available.


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