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One of the field from the external collection from xano is not recognized as a date by Adalo.
All other collections with the same field format (timestamp) are read properly however this particular field is recognized as number and all the the digits from timestamp are displayed instead of a date. I tried to track down the difference but all the functions/data types etc between collections that work properly and this whose data cannot get to be displayed properly are the same. Any idea what could have happen?

When I check all the fields listed below external collection, Adalo treats all timestamp as a number field though - both for those which are read properly as a data and those which do not work as expected.

Did anybody experience an issue that Adalo does not recognize timestamp from backend as a date?

Hi @Lukasz,

Not sure this will solve your problem, but let me share some knowledge.

As I know, internally Adalo stores dates as numbers, where integer part is number of days since 01/01/1970, and fractional part is the “fraction of the day passed”. Also, the date-time is stored in UTC+0.

So number like 18788.875 means the date 12 June 2021, 9:00 PM UTC.

As a result, Adalo may not recognise Unix timestamps as dates, and also might not recognize “unformatted” dates in ISO format (the ones with Z).

Best regards, Victor.

And let me tag @xano and @bhanu who know a lot about Xano :slight_smile:


@Lukasz did you check the API call when you setup external collection on how the field is being recognized and compare with other fields if they’re recognized as same?

Thank you @Victor and @bhanu for chiming in!!

@Lukasz more than happy to help you out. We’re doing office hours tomorrow or if that doesn’t work, feel free to schedule a meeting with us. We’ll figure it out with you!

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