Deck swiper lazy loading

I am using the Deck Swiper component to display a collection in my app. I want the user to be able to endlessly browse the collection (it’s really big - 10,000+ rows)
The issue I’m facing here, is that when I select no maximum number of elements to load, the app hangs (because it tries to load all the elements, I guess). If I select a certain number of maximum elements, then I cannot load more once the user has viewed them all.

Requesting any help I can get on this. One idea I had was to implement lazy loading like in the case of the vertically scrolling list in Adalo (load more as user scrolls…)

As this was made externally, I cannot help you with this as it is something @yelkhayami needs to add if he wants to.

hey @rohangulati

I’m thinking about this, but I don’t think there is a way for me to provide some lazy-loading mechanism from the component. The component gets passed the entire list at once, so it takes up a bunch of resources right away.

As a test, could you try creating a new screen with a regular list or custom list, load the same records (just display the name or something) and see if that performs any better? That might help us understand where to fix te problem.

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