Default lists no longer lazy loading?

Hi all,

I’ve got the impression that all the ‘default lists’ (that is: not custom lists) have stopped lazy loading since 2 weeks.

All the records are loaded in one go and a significant delay is noticeable for me because of this where before this was not the case.

For custom lists there is a specific option to enable lazy loading. Default lists don’t have this option anymore since about 2 months, but were always lazy loading up until now.

Anyone else have this same issue?

hi @StevenU I have both default and custom lists and they have now suddenly started loading extremely slow

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There are issues going on today. I experience the same. See also:
Recommend also filing a bug-report, as the dashboard is all green - but the apps are not :wink:

The lazy loading seems to have disappeared two weeks ago for me - so I think unrelated.

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