Delete records in Airtable via Integromat

Hey there, I linked Adalo to Integromat to create records when I followed great tutorial on YT. However, does anyone have experience with deleting those records (through Integromat too)? I am not sure how to do so since you need to track the ID somehow which I believe you need to create somehow first. If anyone knew, please let me know! Thanks.

@Tommen Can you link to the YT video you followed? That way I can see what process was being used and see if I can help with a way to delete records too.

Hi Colin, this is the video from Patrick. I found a different solution so it is not needed anymore. However, if anyone needs its really useful. Thanks for your response.

Thanks @Tommen. Although this is a great video from Patrick, it is now made redundant because of the implementation of Custom actions. (Which works in a similar manner to Patrick’s method - but built specifically for this reason).

You can read more on how to use custom actions here:

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Thanks, will have a look!

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