Deskop app responsiveness

Hi guys is it a way to make a desktop app responsive on mobile?
Or do you have any hack in mind to keep a custom list in “good shape” when viewing on mobile.


I find a way using the card list.
It is better than a normal list.
But seems that there is a bug using it when choosing the image position at the right side of the card. The image doesn’t show up.

Currently responsiveness for desktop apps is something that needs more work. There is a popular feature request for this to be found here:

By adding your vote to the request you will be notified when this feature becomes available.

thanks @Colin and regarding the bug for the card list ? if you put an image on the right side of the list the image doesn’t show up.

Could you attach a screenshot of that please so I can see what you mean. I have no problems with the card list component not displaying images correctly.

if you choose “position” Image Right
it doesn’t work

Hmm this appears to be a bug. I will bring it to the developers attention. Thanks @Nocodep

In the meantime, you can create a custom list to be able to achieve the same affect that this card list would provide.

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