Developer Mode - Cannot Get /

I am building my first component.
the project is running correctly

 Project is running at http://localhost:8000/webpack-dev-server/

but not accessible in the browser

Would anyone know what could be missing ?
the error message isn’t very helpful

Thanks for the help

The component will be available in the Adalo App Editor under the developer section.

It’s not visible in the component (private) section. I verified.
It is not even running locally as the image shows.
I would like to figure out what the error says.
I cannot explain the “Google font” 404 in the console.

Do you have any idea ?

just figured it out.
it is indeed clearly explained on the docs :

…then go to Adalo and add a new component to one of your screens. In the Add menu you should see a new section called “Development” where you’ll find your new component.

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