Differences PWA & APK

Hello, I have a problem when compiling the app, it turns out that in PWA it looks how I really want it but when the APK is built it changes the format. Could someone tell me why? I’m going crazy. Is it because of the type of font?




As of now, shadows are not supported in android that is why you can see the differences between PWA & APK, but alternatives can be used such as an image that has a shadow rather than a rectangle (using Canva).


Ok, the shadows do not worry me, what worries me the most is that the font looks different in PWA than in APK and consequently the alignment changes. Is it advisable to use any particular font on Android? The one I am using is Standard System Fonts in headings and Lato in Body

Help please! :frowning:


I think this is strange problem(BUG), please raise a ticket for this.