Digital purchase Questions .)

Hello to everyone!

Help me to understand some thing:

For example I have some approve options for user:
approve 1 (true/false)
approve 2 (true/false)
approve 3 (true/false)
All of them are in “Users” data base.

Idea in that when user pay any of “aprroved” variants, he has new status (true). And new capabilities for useing the App.

Is it possible to apply “Digital purchase” button in such a situation without createing new database? How correctly it to do?
I do it for Android at first.

Hi @Ossa

Yes, that’s possible. If the purchase is for each approval, have the user’s purchase it, update their profile, and make the features visible only to users where that approval is true.

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Hi, Erik! Thank you!
So, I set this up in Adalo and google play console.
But there is a question - why are the payment buttons visible in the editor, but not displayed when the preview is turned on? Do you know?

Hi @Ossa,

If you’re using in-app-payment component, it is hidden in Web by default. See the documentation here: Digital Purchases for In-App Purchases - Adalo Resources


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