Display different markers for different users on map

Hi everyone, I am working on event based app. I am using the map with multiple markers to show events.
but I want to show the markers in the same City as the user only.
Example: you are in LA you want to see events there only, and another user in New York wants to see the markers of that area only.

I know a work around which is to have multiple layers of maps and each will be visible to the user based on the city he chooses. but will this work around affect performance heavily? and will it increase the app size by much?
is there a simpler way or that is my only option for now?


A couple of ways to do it.

Set the deafult marker to logged in user city (this only works if the user has a city saved to their profile).


Go into the map settings and make sure the ‘Show current location’ toggle is on…


If you want to show ONLY markers from the same city as the user then set your map up like this…

Hope this helps


thanks it worked! I tried it and yea works exactly like I wanted

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