Does custom actions work by adding curl code instead of json request?


I am trying to make a custom action, the company I am contacting has curl but does not have JSON requests that are required to be added in the"body" in Adalo. They only have JSON responses.

Below is a screenshot of the curl instructions from the company: (test version)

My question is, is there any way we can add the curl code in Adalo instead?

Use the “Query Param” in the Headers and Queries section of the custom action setup. For example, the “amount” is name and the 92.00 would be the value input (magic text). The Auth would be a Header and you’d put “Bearer [whatever you magic text name is for key]” in the value. Note you need to use a magic text for API key, you can’t just paste it into the value field.


@paulh Thank you very much! It worked :smiley:

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